A couple weeks ago we ran our first contest on this blog and asked what top ten lists you would like to see. Commenter Curtis Lanton came up with a great idea:

I liked it so much that I decided to run with a similar idea, because some artists really do have hair that is often big or very loud (or sometimes both). So I solicited some opinions from the team and selected the ones I thought were the best.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley performs at a concert ca. 1980.
Eddie Mallin

Although the well-known dreadlocks of the late Bob Marley were not entirely unique, he is without a doubt the man that gave the hair style the most air time. Marley first started wearing dreadlocks after converting to the Rastafari movement in the 1960s.

C.C. DeVille

C.C. DeVille is an example of an example of an artist who still does big hair right. The lead guitarist of Poison, DeVille once sported a look that might not immediately be indistinguishable from a mad scientist. In modern times he doesn’t look like he’s going to try to take over the world, but he still has a ‘do that is pretty wild.

Lady Gaga

Probably the queen of unique hair (and just about every other piece of costuming), Lady Gaga frequently changes how her hair looks. Gaga’s long locks allow her to style it into just about anything she wants. However, I thought the best was when she took “hat hair” to its extreme.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj competes heavily with Gaga for who has the craziest hair. Like Gaga, Nicki has changed her hair so many times that it’s hard to keep track. She’s had it rainbow colored, pink, and as shown in this picture, big and bulb shaped.

Janet Gardner

With all the male artists growing out their hair in the ‘80s, where did that leave the female artists? Apparently they were looking to compete in the big-hair-a-thon as well, if Janet Gardner is anybody to go by. The former lead singer of Vixen decided to wear her hair both long and big in the ‘80s.

Jaden Smith

Jaden at the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Concert
Courtesy: Harry Wad

Jaden Smith might just be starting out in his career, but already he can stand alongside the veterans of big hair. Unlike his father, who has always kept his hair more or less closely cropped, Jaden actually has quite a bit. In fact, he has so much that it almost covers up his face when it goes ‘fro.

Eric Carr

All the members of KISS sported big hair in the ‘80s, but none so much as the late Eric Carr, who was the band’s second drummer from 1980 until his death in 1991. His shoulder length, curly, and voluminous hair was one of the biggest ‘dos among the big hair artists of the time.


Loud hair just seems to fit Pink’s personality, as she is known for being very non-conformist when it comes to her career. So it’s not so surprising that she once adopted a wildly loud and spiky ‘do of a color that stays true to her name.

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae performing in March 2009.
Seher Sikandar

Although it’s not extremely big or loud, Janelle Monae is an artist I recognize right away because of her hair. That, of course, is just one part of the Janelle Monae style, which includes a full tuxedo.

Mike Score

With hair that was long in the front and had wings on the sides, Mike Score lived with a style that was a bit like “bed head.” Yet, at a time when everybody else was trying to make their hair as humongous as possible, the Flock of the Seagulls lead singer stood out among the pack.

Who did I miss? Tell me about your favorite artist with big or loud hair.


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