Twitter is good for a couple of things — personal updates that don’t belong on Facebook, promoting yourself, and following celebrities. There’s a reason so many musicians and actors have verified Twitter accounts. It gives them a chance to connect with fans (if they want to), release official statements, make announcements, and overall seem less like this untouchable, otherworldly being and more like regular people.

Some celebrities take tweeting very seriously, some use their accounts strictly for promotional purposes, some probably shouldn’t tweet at all — but some are really amazing. Here are five of the best celebrities to follow on Twitter.

1. Kanye West

Twitter handle: @kanyewest

Why you should follow: Kanye used to be the master of tweets, even once inspiring Josh Groban to dramatically sing them aloud on a late-night show (see video above). Most of his tweets were written in capital letters and they were always amazing. Although Kanye’s tweets have calmed a bit since — they’re in lowercase letters and his recent batch include info about his latest video — you never know when CAPS LOCK KANYE WILL RETURN.

Sample tweets:

  • Man…ninjas are kind of cool…I just don’t know any personally
  • I make awesome decisions in bike stores!!!
  • Sometimes I get emotional over fonts
  • I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle
  • 2. Anna Kendrick

    Twitter handle: @AnnaKendrick47

    Why you should follow: You may know Anna Kendrick from her roles in “Pitch Perfect,” “50/50,” or “Up in the Air.” The actress has more than 1 million followers on Twitter and she’s actually pretty hilarious. Her bio describes herself as “pale, awkward, and very, very small” and she tends to tweet about food coupled with her random thoughts.

    Sample tweet:

    Anna Kendrick Tweet 2

    3. Retta

    Twitter handle: @unfoRETTAble

    Why you should follow: Two things you need to know about Retta’s Twitter account: one, she live-tweets television shows, so there WILL be spoilers, and two, it’s worth it because her commentary will elevate whatever show you are watching to the next level. Retta plays Donna Meagle on “Parks and Recreation” and, oddly, Retta is a bit like her character, except she’s less obsessed with Mercedes cars and more obsessed with Joe Manganiello ‏and “True Blood.” I love it, and her.

    Sample tweet:

    Retta Tweet 2

    4. Aziz Ansari

    Twitter handle: @azizansari

    Why you should follow: If his profile and background photo of him as a child in a tiny plaid suit jacket with a red bow tie isn’t enough to reel you in, his tweets are even better. When Jay-Z did his Twitter Q&A recently, he acted like a fan and tweeted him questions. “For real, what’s your favorite pasta you’ve had in 2013?” he asked. Aziz is a major pop culture junkie, but he’s also a comedian, so his take on everything is golden.

    Sample tweet:

    Aziz Ansari Tweet 2

    5. Mindy Kaling

    Twitter handle: @mindykaling

    Why you should follow: Mindy Kaling is undoubtedly my favorite celebrity on Twitter. To me, her Twitter feed is the perfect mix of “that is the weirdest thing anyone has ever thought and then tweeted for millions to read” and “oh man, I totally relate.” Mostly, she tweets about Beyonce… which makes her a woman after my heart.

    Sample tweet:

    Mindy Kaling Tweet 2

    Runners up::

    • Olivia Wilde/@oliviawilde — her tweets are a hodge podge of quips, musings, politics, and gushing
    • Kristen Bell/@IMKristenBell — frequently tweets about sloths and being short
    • Neil deGrasse Tyson/@neiltyson — astrophysics in 140 characters or less
    • John Krasinski/@johnkrasinski — you can just sense how nice and genuine he is with every single tweet

    Any celebs you follow on Twitter?

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