As the NFL season begins, fans cannot wait to fire up the grill, stock the cooler with drinks and head to their local stadium to cheer on their favorite team.

However, the first thing they need is tickets.

With a new season comes new ticket data, so TicketNetwork is here to help you decide which games to go see, and which teams have the best deals on tickets this year. Let’s get started in the new football capital of the league, Cleveland, OH.

Cleveland Browns Tickets

The Cleveland Browns average ticket price has jumped a whopping 109% since last season, but for good reason. With only their second 7-win season in the past ten years, the Brown are led by Baker Mayfield and will look to turn their positive year last season into a playoff appearance this season.

The NFL has schedule the Cleveland Browns for two prime time games on Monday Night Football as well.

Buzz has been surrounding the team this entire off season. With a talented core of young players, a new offensive-minded head coach and a stingy defense the Browns were a popular pick to sneak in to the playoffs.

Then the off-season bombshell came. The Browns traded for star wide-receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. and now are the favorites to win the AFC North.

The Browns already have over $28,000 worth of ticket sales on, over $25,000 more than last season at this same point. 110 more tickets have been sold and that is with an average ticket retail jump to $171 from $82. Get your Cleveland Browns tickets fast before its too late! This team will be exciting and dynamic all season long.

2019 NFL Tickets – Best Deals

New England Patriots

Let’s start with the best team in the NFL. The defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots have seen a slight decrease in ticket prices since last season.

The average ticket retail has dropped from $505 to $500 from last season. For the defending champs, any type of ticket price decrease is extremely welcomed by fans. Their favorite team is consistently putting out the best product on the field, but they dropped their prices so more fans would want to come to games at Gillette Stadium.

That slight drop in ticket prices is being noticed by their fans. The Patriots have already double their total sales at this point last with over $70,000 dollars in sales in 2019.

New England Patriots ticket orders have jumped from 26 to 48 from last year, and in total 113 tickets have sold as opposed to 57 from last season.

New England Patriots tickets for their home opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers is the second-most sought after game ticket behind the Chiefs vs. Packers match up.

Los Angeles Rams

The Patriots’ opponent in last years Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Rams have also seen a drop in ticket prices.

The average ticket retail has dropped from $211 to $186 at this point last season. That equals a -12% drop in ticket prices. Fans in LA will be ready to cheer on their team this season thanks to the price drop.

With star players such as Jared Goff, Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley, the Rams have one of the most star-studded rosters in the NFL.

New York Jets

Ticket prices for the New York Jets have remained relatively stagnant from last season even though they were one of the NFL teams that made significant off season moves.

The Jets have added the most coveted free-agent at the running back position in recent memory with the signing of Le’Veon Bell. Additionally, they signed C.J. Mosley and Brian Poole to bolster their defense.

With young stud Sam Darnold at quarterback, the future of the Jets is looking bright. The average ticket retail price is now $132, a -2% drop from last season. It is still extremely affordable to see one of the most talented teams in the NFL.

2019 NFL Ticket Deals in Other Big Markets

NFL Football in Texas will be much more affordable this season. The Dallas Cowboys have seen a $39 dollar drop in average ticket retail price ($274 to $235).

Dallas Cowboys tickets for their match up against the Green Bay Packers is the third most sought after game on Their Thanksgiving match up against the Buffalo Bills is also selling very well.

The Houston Texans average ticket price drop significantly as well. They are down to $164 from $247 last season. For a playoff team to experience that kind of drop is surprising and welcomed by fans.

In Atlanta, Falcons fans will also be pleased to know that average ticket price has dropped -17% since last season. With Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the rest of the talented Atlanta Falcons, fans in Atlanta will get a pretty sweet bargain to see this team play at the beautiful Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

These are just some of the best deals that TicketNetwork has to offer NFL tickets this season! To find the deals for your team, browse TicketNetwork’s complete selection of NFL Tickets.

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