Rock Tickets

What’s better than heading down to a local venue with family and friends to enjoy a night filled with good ole’ Rock n’ Roll?

Groovy bass lines, powerhouse vocals, funky beats and jaw-dropping guitar solos – that is what rock n roll fanatics live for.

Though it used to be at the forefront of popular music, Rock has taken a step back in recent years. Wailing guitars have been replaced by synthesizers, and hard-hitting drum beats are now made on beat pads using computer software.

Even with this current trend in music, there are still bands out there that just can’t let go of the true emotion and soul of Rock n’ Roll!  Get your Rock tickets right now, here on TicketNetwork.

Rock n’ Roll History

“Rock n Roll” can mean so many things. The genre originated in the early 50s, but evolved into countless different styles within a decade. Blues, jazz, country, even gospel- rock music has many different influences.

The genre was first dominant in the Rockabilly days, when singers like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis took the stage. The sound crossed the seas over into Britain by the early 60s, and that conceived an explosion of new rock n roll.

The Beatles became a hallmark in the genre, followed by bands like Animals, The Rolling Stones and more. In a time of heated friction between nations, rock lyrics took on socially conscious, political statements, and became a voice that people could stand by. It was the turning point in which music changed from just entertainment, to a message.

By the 70’s rock music had evolved into many branches of sub-genres. Soft rock, Glitter rock, Punk rock – there was now something for everyone. The emergence of MTV in the 80’s gave rock music another boom in popularity. Music videos became crucial to commercial success, and it was a platform for many new bands to showcase their music to a wide audience.

Alternative Rock and Grunge was born in the 90s, giving the world bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and more.

By the late 2000’s, Pop Rock is essentially the only form of rock that is still making those charts.

Modern Day Rock Music

However, there are bands today that are taking the classic emotion of rock and blending it perfectly and effortlessly with modern taste. Cage The Elephant is structured traditionally in terms of instruments, and they have found a sound that is classic yet innovative. They will be touring this summer, making stops at venues like the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and Forest Hills Stadium.

Although a new era of rock is being ushered in these days, there are a few bands that strive to keep that classic Rock n’ Roll from the 70s alive and well.

Greta Van Fleet is the prime example of this. Pressing play on one of their tracks is essentially hopping in a time machine back to a time where Led Zeppelin and AC/DC ruled the landscape.

No one has mastered that classic Rock n’ Roll sound in this era quite like Greta Van Fleet. They are touring this summer at a number of different amphitheaters. View the complete schedule to find Greta Van Fleet tickets today!

Some bands, like Slipknot and Disturbed, have created something completely original out of traditional aspects of rock. Both bands will be on tour this summer.

Rock is the genre that kept music alive around the world. Keep Rock n’ Roll alive by securing your rock tickets right now!

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