NFL Draft Ticket Data

After seven rounds and three exciting days in Nashville, TN, the NFL season has officially begun!

Kyler Murray stole headlines for being the number one pick overall for the Arizona Cardinals. The New York Giants made back page news for all the wrong reasons by taking unheralded prospect Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick.

Every team in between made great selections, puzzling picks and had their fan bases on edge every time they were on the clock.

With the new season upon us, fans’ excitement is at an all-time high. Ticket sales are flying in as the schedule has been announced and new players have been signed in free-agency and drafted.

Since the draft there have already been some eye-opening ticket trends to take note of heading in to the season.

Increase in Number of Sales

A few teams had notable jumps in ticket prices in the days following the NFL draft.

New York Giants

Surprisingly one of these teams were the New York Giants. They made headlines for drafting Daniel Jones 6th overall and many fans were outraged with the decision.

Fortunately, the following picks were great fits for the Giants and although they may have missed on the most important position, there were a lot needs that were filled with remaining picks. In the first round they had two more picks which included defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence and cornerback DeAndre Baker.

Both came from prolific programs and were highly graded throughout the pre-draft process.

Comparing the days leading up to the draft to the days following the draft, the number of tickets sold jumped by 200%. There was also $3,109 in sales prior to the draft compared to a big spike of $5,019 in the days following.

Giants fans are in it for the long haul, and are definitely excited to see if this plan that the new GM has will pan out.

Washington Redskins

Following the New York Giants, their division rival Washington Redskins saw another post-draft jump in number of ticket sales.

The Washington Redskins made the biggest splash when they drafted quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Many analysts thought that Haskins would go 6th to the Giants, but fortunately for the Redskins he dropped all the way to 15th.

The rest of the NFL was put on notice after Haskins was drafted.

“The league done messed up,” Haskins said during his post-draft interview.

Redskins fans took notice and started buying tickets to see their rookie QB right away. When comparing pre and post-draft, number of tickets sold on jumped 19%. Total revenue on TicketNetwork rose by 18% as well.

HTTR indeed.

Tennessee Titans

Another team that benefited greatly from the NFL draft was the Tennessee Titans, the team that “hosted” the draft. Taking place in the heart of Nashville, the draft was filled with Titans fans hoping that their home town team would make some great selections.

From top to bottom, most analysts agree that the Titans played it safe, but didn’t make any picks that sent fans in to an outrage.

After trading for quarterback Ryan Tannehill, they needed weapons for their new QB. AJ Brown, a receiver from Ole Miss, was one of the top prospects at the position and the Titans got great value for him by taking him late in the second round.

In general, the city was excited that it was the football capital for a weekend. Their pre and post-draft splits for ticket sales were telling. There was a 71% rise in tickets sold and a whopping 186% rise in revenue on TicketNetwork.

The Dallas Cowboys saw a similar rise last year when Dallas hosted the draft, a stat that points to cities being excited about football when they host the draft.

Increase in Ticket Price

There are also a few teams out there that have been steadily improving all offseason, and doubled down on making their team better in the NFL Draft.

This does mean that there is a rise in ticket prices, but it is for good reason. Fans should be aware of this trend in case they had their eye on a particular game for this upcoming season. Act fast before the price gets even higher!

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have gone from punchline of the NFL to potential knock-out artists in the AFC North. For many years Cleveland fans had to endure winless seasons, terrible records and of course blunders in the NFL Draft.

However, with additions they made last season and this off season, the Browns are for real.

They drafted Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward last season. They signed Jarvis Landry during the 2018 free agency and traded for Odell Beckham, Jr just a few months ago.

In this year’s draft, they didn’t pick until 46th overall. The Browns chose Greedy Williams, a cornerback from LSU, that has the potential and talent that warranted a top 10 pick.

The rest of the players that the Browns drafted tested extremely well at the combine.

In terms of ticket sales, the average listing price jumped 4% for Cleveland Browns tickets throughout the season in just a few days after the draft. The get-in-price (lowest ticket listed) for a Cleveland Browns game on TicketNetwork stayed at $38. So there are still good deals out there if you know where to look!

New York Jets

The New York Jets are going for it this year. No longer do they want to play second fiddle to the Giants in the city of New York and to the Patriots in the AFC East.

In the off season, they were able to land some extremely talented players to bolster their roster. The biggest splash was signing running back Le’Veon Bell, a player who was considered the best running back in the league before sitting out last season due to contract negotiations with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

During the NFL Draft they chose to upgrade on the defensive end after their offense was taken care of.

With the third pick they selected Quinnen Williams, a defensive tackle from Alabama. He was one of the most coveted players in the draft and will be a productive player for years to come.

Jachai Polite was their next selection. He was more of a risky pick, but he has the potential to be a terror as an edge-rusher in the NFL.

In the days leading up to the draft, the average listing price was just above $250. After the selections in the NFL Draft, that average listing price saw a 15% increase.

Jets fans are jumping at the opportunity to get tickets now as the price will only rise if the team gets off to a hot start!

Although these teams made the biggest news in tickets trends post-NFL Draft, it is a new season for every team! Get your NFL tickets today at!

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