For close to two decades, the dominance of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady has been a staple in the NFL. Winning six Super Bowl titles in 18 seasons with the same quarterback and head coach is unprecedented.

Undoubtedly, the kings and villains of the NFL, fans either love the Patriots or love to hate the Patriots, depending on who you ask.

Last season, Brady became the oldest starting quarterback (41) to win a Super Bowl while Belichick became the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl (66).

People have begun to question whether their reign will come to an end due to age.

Brady is the only player in the NFL to win 6 Super Bowls while Belichick became only the third coach to do so.

The one thing that can’t be disputed is that teams want to beat the New England Patriots. They are the the class of the NFL, and if a team gets a chance to knock them off, they relish in it all season long.

Not only do the statistics and records suggest that the twilight is approaching for Brady and Belichick, but so do the ticket sales. Could 2019 be the last season this regime takes the field together?

New England Patriot Ticket Data

Both home and away, New England Patriots ticket sales on are on the rise for the upcoming NFL season.

The defending champion New England Patriots already have four games with the average single ticket listing price of over $800. On average, a single ticket for a New England Patriots home game is $778.

Fans are jumping at the chance to see the Patriots, especially at home. Those four games (Steelers, Cowboys, Browns and Jets) are all at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

This drive in ticket price is mainly because the dominance that Brady and Belichick have displayed over these past two decades may never come again. More importantly, this may be the last year of that dominance.

New England fans (dark blue) are all over the northeast part of the U.S.

Another reason why the prices have risen is because Patriot pride stretches much farther than Massachusetts. The Patriots are a fan favorite in five different states (MA, RI, NH, VT, ME) and can lay claim to having loyal fans in two more (CT, NY).

So many people want to see this historic team take the field, there is no wonder the demand and price remain on a steady incline.

The average Get In Price (cheapest ticket available) for New England Patriot home games in the 2019 NFL season is $234 dollars.

The Patriots drive sales on the road as well. Fans want to see this historic team take the field, but they also want to see their favorite team beat them.

The average single ticket listing price for New England Patriot away games are $346. Some of the games driving that high listing price include the division rival Miami Dolphins and a Super Bowl rematch from a few years ago against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Five of their away games eclipse that average ticket price of $346, meaning there are plenty of fan bases out there that want to see the New England dynasty one last time.

The Get In Price for away games for the New England Patriots is near triple digits ($97). In contrast, the Los Angeles Rams (defending NFC Champions) have an average away game Get In Price of $69. A staggering difference that illustrates how coveted New England Patriots tickets are.

There is a wide selection of New England Patriots tickets available on, but chances are they won’t last long.

The opportunity to see Brady and Belichick is just too enticing for fans of the dynasty that want to see them take the field one last time – and for the fans that are rooting for them to lose.

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