What a difference a month can make. The NBA landscape has changed dramatically since the moment the Toronto Raptors won the their first NBA Championship in franchise history.

What would normally be headline news for weeks – the Raptors and Kawhi Leonard dethroning the dynasty of the Golden State Warriors in six games – was forgotten almost instantaneously.

Where will Kawhi Leonard go? Where will Kevin Durant go? Instead of celebrating the team that won the NBA Finals, every fan, journalist and player wanted to know where the stars that led their respective teams to the Finals would go.

There were major shake ups across the league as well. Fans of the Celtics, Knicks, Lakers, Pelicans and even the Rockets saw their team go through some dramatic changes in the off season. Here are the top three teams in the NBA that saw that drastic changes in ticket sales 12 hours after the NBA Schedule Release.

Los Angeles Clippers

Wow..to say that fans of the Los Angeles Clippers are excited to see their team play is a wild understatement. The Clippers are the popular pick to win the NBA title this upcoming season, and for good reason. Back in early July, the NBA landscape changed when Kawhi Leonard left the Toronto Raptors to return home to LA to play for the Clippers. Not only did the Clippers land Kawhi Leonard, but he was able to recruit Paul George, another LA native to choose the Clippers as well.

The two hometown kids have sparked an interest for Clippers fans that the league has never seen before. With nationally televised games on Opening Night and Christmas Day (both against the LA Lakers), the NBA knows this could be the year for the Clippers and they need to be in the spotlight as much as possible.

When comparing 2018 vs. 2019 ticket sales for the LA Clippers just 12 hours after the schedule release, the numbers are staggering. TicketNetwork saw an increase of over $30,000 from last years’ sales to this year. The 1376% spells excitement for Clippers fans wanting to get to the Staples Center to cheer on their team. 95 more tickets were sold in the 12 hour window in 2019, an 864% jump. The good news for fans is that although the demand went through the roof, the average retail ticket price didn’t rise all that much. The retail price jumped from $180 to $236, a 31% increase. All things considered, Clippers tickets are selling fast but are still very affordable this season.

Brooklyn Nets

The only team that matched the moves that the LA Clippers were able to pull off this past off season was the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets had a successful season last year, as they made the playoffs for the first time since 2015. They had to surrender their best player from last season, D’Angelo Russell, but fans have heard of the two players the Nets signed to replace him.

Barclays Center, get ready for your new look Brooklyn Nets. The Nets acquired both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in free agency this off season, a move that shook the NBA landscape. For the first time in his career, Kevin Durant will play in the Eastern Conference. Durant went down with an Achilles injury in the NBA Finals, and will spend most of this first season doing rehab. However, based on Brooklyn Nets ticket sales, fans are still just as excited.

With over 100 tickets sold in the first twelve hours after the schedule release on TicketNetwork, its clear that fans want to see the Nets take the court. TicketNetwork also saw a 433% jump in number of orders and a whopping 811% increase in money spent on Nets tickets on TN. Some of the games getting the most action for the Nets this season is the battle for New York City against the Knicks on October 25th at the Barclays Center as well as Kyrie Irving’s return to TD Garden to play the Celtics on November 27th.

Houston Rockets

Although they were a late arrival to the off season party, the Houston Rockets might have gotten the last laugh. The buzz was surrounding teams such as the aforementioned Clippers and Nets, but the Rockets shook up their roster in a major way. After a few promising seasons fell just short of an NBA title with MVP James Harden and All-Star Chris Paul, a tension was brewing in the locker room. The Rockets traded CP3 for another MVP from the OKC Thunder, Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook and Harden were teammates years ago with the Thunder, and the fact that they are reunited years later with an MVP Award in their collections is a scary thought for the rest of the NBA.

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The Rockets’ schedule starts off with two early season match ups that are must-see in October. A battle that will consist of the last three regular season MVPs will take place at the Toyota Center in Houston on October 24th. Giannis Antetokounmpo will take on Harden and Westbrook and it should consist of highlight after highlight. Four days later on October 28th, CP3 will make his return to Houston to square off against the Rockets as a member of the Thunder.

In terms of NBA Schedule Release ticket data, TicketNetwork saw a 700% jump in number of tickets purchased on the site. The grand total value (GTV) of the tickets purchased on TN was a 1584% increase. Last year, twelve hours after the schedule release the GTV of Rockets tickets didn’t even reach $500. This year the ticket sales were over $5,000! Get your Houston Rockets tickets today because this team is prepared for liftoff with Harden and Westbrook in the back court.

Although these teams grabbed headlines for the NBA Schedule Release, that doesn’t mean the rest of the fan bases around the league can’t be excited. TicketNetwork has tickets for every NBA game this season! Find your NBA tickets today to see your favorite team play live.

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