It’s been nearly 5 years since the last Tame Impala album and fans are dying to hear the new record entitled, “The Slow Rush”. Few artists are quite as talented as Kevin Parker. This modern symphonist is a master of effortlessly building soundscapes from the ground up and hypnotizing his listeners with beautiful, lush sonic walls. Tame Impala is a perfect example of contemporary music that successfully cross-pollinates several genres into a new refreshing sound.

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Kevin Parker has a unique approach to his sound. He implements all the musical work himself, writing all the songs before bringing it to his band to perform alongside him at the live shows. The psychedelic rock lays out an interesting foundation that wonderfully mixes alongside the electronic, R&B and rock-influenced elements of Tame Impala’s melting pot sound.

Explosive Growth

Kevin’s vision is very clear, and I think that’s why his music is surprisingly popular. Rapidly growing in notoriety since 2008, the band just keeps gaining more and more traction. A futuristic take on classic sounds keep listeners intrigued for each new release, just to see what masterful piece Parker can come up with this time around. The beauty lays in Tame Impala’s ethereal sound and heavily reverberated vocals lead to a perfect vibing experience for the lonesome listener or the hardcore fan packed like sardines at their sold-out concerts. That’s my favorite aspect of Tame Impala; their ease of listening. You can throw their music on in any environment and happily listen along. Whether you just woke up, or you’re about to work out, the diversity in their sound makes for a perfect all-day playlist.

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Tame Impala 2020 Tour

Kevin Parker expects “The Slow Rush” to release soon, seeing as they’ve already announced the tour to begin in May and they’ll need new material for those performances. The band has grown to tremendous heights in the past few years.

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