Seven days ago, Denzel Curry dropped a mix entitled, 13LOOD 1N + 13LOOD OUT MIXX. This 13-minute compilation offers listeners a brief descent into madness with Denzel Curry at the helm with support from his collaborators along the way. The mix spans 8 songs, the perfect length for a short but potent listen. In less than just one week, the mixtape amassed over a million plays solely on YouTube – it’s not even available on traditional streaming services.

The introduction track is a calm instrumental that leads into a killer opener titled, “CHARLIE SHEEN” featuring trap metal artist Ghostemane. Ghostemane has grown so much as an artist over the past few years, seeing these two massively popular hybrid artist work together on this mix was exciting for a lot of these fans of this underground scene, especially because a lot of the fans crossover so much.


Smoothly transitioning into the third track is “EVIL TWIN” which features an equally thrashing beat with a powerful feature from another rap-rock hybrid artist, ZillaKami of City Morgue“Zeltron and ZillaKami, yeah, we back on again / I’m just chillin’ with my dog, that be my evil twin” quoted from the hook of the song, the two compare each other as their evil twin. The funny part is – if one of them is the evil twin, then who the hell could possibly be the good twin?

Segwaying into the fourth track, “Welcome to The Future” we see rare feature from Xavier Wulf, another underground-Internet-rap-legend. He wastes no time, ripping right into his signature flow – “B***h, I’m in all black, from the very back…” trading bars with Curry effortlessly. Xavier Wulf has a very unique signature flow, and usually I’m the first person to get tired of an artist if they utilize the same sound too much (à la Rich The Kid) but there’s just something so endearing about a guy who floats between famous and a nobody consistently bodying verses with his own formula and refusing to mimic whatever’s mainstream at the moment.

The following three tracks “FALSE GODS FREESTYLE”, “PXSH6XD SHXT” and “NO PEN NO PAD” are three tracks that have no features but smoothly flow from one song to another. This portion of the mixtape provides listeners a brilliant glimpse into Curry’s mind as he spit a variety of flows that blend all together yet stand apart. It’s hard to determine which song is even which song, it’s so easy to get lost in the wave of sounds quickly hitting your ears – it’s hard to even determine which tracks are following a song structure of verses and choruses, but it doesn’t matter because it’s all so enthralling.

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Denzel Curry

The final track is a high energy banger featuring Ak the Savior from The Underachievers. “Fire in my palm (Yeah), bitch, I’m never calm (Yeah) / Put my hands up, time to make a spirit bomb (Get back!)”. Denzel Curry fans know how much this dude loves Dragonball Z, and as a fellow fan I felt my power level skyrocket just by listening tot his track. This is the type of song you listen to when you’re about to lift the heaviest weights of your life at the gym!

The greatest aspect of this album is how organic and cohesive it all is. From the beats to the features, every aspect of this mix sounds so effortless. I can only imagine how crazy a live performance of this mixtape would be. 

The bad news – Denzel Curry isn’t on tour currently; the good news is that Denzel Curry will be performing at both Coachella and Bonnaroo this year; two huge festivals. If you haven’t been to Coachella, this is the year you seriously need to consider going. With massive headliners making appearances this year such as the return of Rage Against the Machine, Calvin Harris, Run the Jewels, Rex Orange County, Megan Thee Stallion, Travis Scott, Flume, Thom Yorke, 21 Savage, Brockhampton, Frank Ocean and MANY more artists.

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