The 1975 is a pop-rock band from England. Having grown together since they were teenagers, their chemistry has led to music that has only gained popularity with time. Fans have clung to their every move and are thrilled when new music comes out. The 1975 tickets always sell quickly on as fans want to see this talented pop collective any chance they get!

The members attended Wilmslow High School in Cheshire, England and met as teenagers. The frontman of the group, Matthew Healy, met Ross MacDonald, Adam, Hann, and George Daniel at school and together they formed the band now known as The 1975. Starting as just a cover band, they created a name for themselves by playing at many local clubs.  The band’s name was inspired by writing found on the back of the book On The Road that said “1 June, The 1975”. Previous to this, they played under names such as Forever Drawing Six, Talkhouse, The Slowdown, Bigsleep, and more.

The band’s first EP titled Facedown was released in August 2012. This EP get them a lot of attention and was played on the UK’s national radio with their hit song “The City”. The group kept recording new music while touring. They toured starting in the UK and Ireland and eventually made it to the U.S. The band also toured with many notable acts such as Muse, The Neighborhoods, and even supported the Rolling Stones in the summer of 2013. Their self-titled debut album The 1975 was released in September 2013. They received many positive reviews and even made it to the top of the UK Albums Chart. By this point, the band had already made a name for themselves and were selling out shows immediately.

The 1975 is also getting set to release their fourth studio album ahead of their 2020 tour. Notes on a Conditional Form will drop in April and the band has already released three singles that fans have gravitated towards. New music is always a huge appeal to fans that want to see their favorite band or artist live. The 1975 has an expansive catalog as well as new music which should make for a fun show.

The group continued to release lots of new music over the years and have an ever-growing fan base. Their style can be described as pop-rock with influences such as Talking Heads, My Bloody Valentine, and Michael Jackson. Grab your tickets to see this distinct band today!

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