One of the first comedians to modernize ventriloquism and help popularize blue-collar comedy is rolling into the new decade with a new 2020 tour entitled, “Seriously?”.

Jeff Dunham is a master of his craft, making comedy that’s clean and universally funny, it’s a show fit for the whole family. That explains why Dunham has reached Rockstar levels of popularity.

Rise To Stardom

His Achmed the Dead Terrorist bit went massively viral in the early days of YouTube, helping to spark his initial explosion of mainstream success. Consistently recognized as a top-earning comedian, regularly pulling in upwards of $30 million annually through tickets, DVD sales and an entire lineup of merchandise – people around the world can’t get enough of this man.

Jeff Dunham has seen substantial growth in his popularity over the past 10 years; but it hasn’t always been this way. It was only once he received the opportunity to perform a special for Comedy Central like he had always dreamed of, that his career would take off to the massive heights we now associate him with.

Jeff Dunham has been dedicated to his craft for practically his whole life. He began performing comedy through his puppets back in the sixth grade.

Early Beginnings

Initially performing his ventriliquism for his friends, he was surprised to receive no negative comments from his fellow classmates for playing with something that’s generally perceived as “uncool”.

He immediately noticed that the puppets gave him a sort of super-power that would make him impervious to receiving backlash for his jokes and opinions, while remaining entirely neutral through it all.

This made for entertaining shows that would eventually lead to his full-time career as a ventriloquist-comedian. Whether or not Jeff knew just how popular himself and his puppets would be is a question we don’t have an answer for.

Comedy’s Rockstar

With years of professional experience in comedy and acting, its hard to see this star losing steam anytime soon. All of his events are still highly sought after just as much as they were during his early viral-YouTube days.  

Whether you’ve never seen a Jeff Dunham set, or you’ve already seen his performances a few times, his tours never disappoint. 

Jeff Dunham’s 2020, “Seriously?” tour will be packed with new material, featuring a wide range of characters from fan favorites to new characters never before seen.

If you’d like, you can stop by to get your Jeff Dunham tickets today!

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