Free agency is right around the corner for NFL fans and we are on the edge of our seats for one player to decide where he will go. Tom Brady. Will he stay with the New England Patriots? Or will he take his Hall of Fame pedigree elsewhere? It will all come down to what Brady values in what could be the final chapter of his illustrious career. Three possibilities seem the most likely. First, he could go to the suitor that offers the most money (as if he needs it, it’s not like his wife alone is worth more than $300 million or anything). Second option, he could join a team ready to draft their future quarterback and help guide them to greatness. Lastly, and most likely, he could join a Super Bowl ready team and add to his resume. Here’s a list of teams I think are the most likely suitors and what they have to offer the greatest quarterback of all time.

New England Patriots 

We all know the Patriots love to stay relevant. With management being awfully quiet in this rumor process, they could be just letting us speculate while knowing full well that Brady is never going to leave New England. From their perspective, they don’t need to offer him anything or make a big pitch, stay in New England and help guide the future. Not the exciting outcome we might have wanted but it is still a likely decision by Brady.

Las Vegas Raiders 

The Raiders have openly said that they are prepared to offer Brady a 2-year, $60 million deal. They are nowhere close to a Super Bowl contender. Even with Brady at the helm they are arguably the third best team in the AFC West, clearly behind the Chiefs and less talented than the Chargers. This would be a purely financial decision. With the team up and moving to Las Vegas, how would you as an owner sell tickets and merchandise? How about bringing in the greatest player of all time and top 3 jersey seller every year? They want to put butts in seats, so $30 million a year seems like a small price to pay to sell out games at a new stadium. If Brady just wants money, he’ll be hard-pressed to get more out of any other team. The Raiders are willing to keep him in the conversation of highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.

Indianapolis Colts 

The Colts are the team that could most easily make this happen and turn it into success. The only thing that has been keeping them from making a deep run in the playoffs is solid play from the quarterback position. The addition of Brady can remedy that. With Tom Brady’s advanced age, one thing that he will need in order to succeed is an elite offensive line. Luckily the Colts have that, along with a quality running game, above average receiving options and a defense that ranked in the top half of the league last season. The Colts have over $70 million available to spend this offseason which is more than enough to land Brady and any other pieces that are needed to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Indianapolis. If Brady wants another ring, the Colts are the best option.

Dallas Cowboys 

This one is a little bit of a stretch and many dominoes would have to fall for this to happen. First, the Cowboys would have to have given up on Dak Prescott’s ability to win the big game. Then, they would have to decide to let him go in free agency or franchise tag him and then trade him away to make cap room to sign Brady. The Cowboys are equipped with enough weapons and a good enough defense to win, but bad coaching and shoddy quarterback play in big games have kept them from winning playoff games. If they plug Brady in, the Cowboys could easily be considered a Super Bowl contender.

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