It’s been a wild ride for Tekashi 6ix9ine. The rainbow-haired rapper has gone through a rollercoaster of ups and downs. During the prime of his career, he was cut short by a federal RICO case. Ironically the gang relations that he loved to brag about so much not only helped him gain fame but also inevitably led to his demise.

Back in November 2018 when the charges had originally been pressed, 6ix9ine was looking at a life sentence for his actions and associations with the Nine-Trey bloods.

Fans and critics around the world swore this would be the end of 6ix9ine as we know it. Generally speaking, a federal racketeering charge is considered a closed and shut case – meaning that the consequences that he was facing during this time seemed inevitable. Easily one of the worst situations someone could be in, especially for a rising celebrity.

Now 14 months later, the artist and his legal team have officially given word that he will be released from prison on August 2nd.

Obviously, reporters were curious and had to ask Tekashi 6ix9ine’s lawyers how he was able to get out of such a dire situation with such a reduced sentence.

His lawyer stated, “The reason why he’s getting released early is because he’s the perfect model prisoner”.

What that essentially translates to is that 6ix9ine “snitched” in a plea deal that threw his crew under the bus to save his own skin. To be fair, his “team” did steal from him, blackmail him and even kidnap him. They didn’t really earn any of his loyalty over the short period of time that they all worked together.

There’s no one quite as polarizing as 6ix9ine. You either hate him or love him, and whether you like it or not, this controversial figure is going to be set free in the coming months. Will he be able to return to the same heights of popularity? Can he surpass where he left off?

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