Well, even in the offseason no one can make a headline like the GOAT, Tom Brady. He dropped a bombshell on the NFL landscape late Tuesday night when reports broke that he would be leaving New England.

The decision could not have been easy for Brady. He had an epic 20-year run with the Patriots that vaulted him to the status of greatest quarterback of all-time. New England won 6 Super Bowl titles with Brady at the helm, but the star quarterback had reservations that the Patriots wanted to keep the aging quarterback no matter what he had done for them.

Enter the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A franchise that hasn’t won anything since 2003, the Bucs were completely off the radar when the Brady-Free Agency talks began. Eye-popping destinations like the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers stole all the headlines.

What could drive a quarterback that defines excellence on a regular basis to join a team mired in mediocrity?

Let’s think about this for a second. There is warm weather in Tampa. Florida also has no state income tax so Brady gets to keep more of his paycheck. He trades snowy New England for the sand in Florida. Ah, that can’t be it. All the superficial reasons don’t add up for someone as calculated as Brady.

Upon further review, the move for Brady makes complete sense. Chasing history is what this is truly all about.

History Lesson

First off, the debate has raged for about a decade now. Who is more important to the New England dynasty, Brady or Head Coach Bill Belichick? With this move, Brady has a chance to win Super Bowls with two different franchises, something his rival Peyton Manning accomplished at Indianapolis and Denver. If Brady were able to accomplish this feat it would only add to his lore as an accomplished quarterback. Belichick will now have his chance to bring a quarterback he feels he can win with and if the two were to face off in the Super Bowl the whole world would tune in.

The next bit of history has Brady written all over it. No team has ever played in the Super Bowl during the same season that their city hosts the marquis event. You guessed it, the Super Bowl is in Tampa Bay this season. Brady can add another notch in his history belt if he becomes the first quarterback to lead his team to the Super Bowl and the city of Tampa Bay would remember it forever.

The final piece of the history puzzle Brady could solve is distancing himself even further from the second-best quarterback of all-time. Brady has played for 20 years and for the last decade the comparisons and debates between him and Joe Montana have raged on. Montana was a 4-time Super Bowl champ, an MVP of the league on numerous occasions and modernized the position heading into the 90s. Brady has always idolized Montana but over the years he truly has become the better quarterback. Brady’s move to Tampa Bay is eerily similar to Montana being traded to the Chiefs to end his career. In two years, Montana made the playoffs twice but was unable to bring home another trophy. Brady pulling off a feat Montana was unable to do would only raise his GOAT status.

X’s and O’s

Besides the history part of the equation, Tampa Bay is set up for success with Brady running the show. With two elite wide receivers at his disposal, Tampa Bay’s offense has a chance to be much more efficient this season. Mike Evans is a clone of Randy Moss, who Brady made history with during the 2006-07 NFL season. Brady and Moss connected on numerous deep throws and touchdowns, and Mike Evans could bring that same productivity to the table. Chris Godwin had a breakout season for the Bucs last year and will be a solid second option for Brady.

Head Coach Bruce Arians had to be a huge factor in this decision as well. He had a great rapport with Carson Palmer, an aging quarterback in Arizona that extended his career thanks to the style of offense Arians draws up. It has an emphasis on protecting the quarterback and finding unique ways to get his best players on offense the ball. Tom Brady should have a resurgent year and now well into his 40s, a successful season could lead to an MVP Award.

Suffice to say, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets just became a hot commodity fans cannot wait to see their new franchise quarterback take the field. Find your tickets today to be a part of the legendary season about to take place in Tamps Bay.

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