Youthful Spirits Never Fade

My absolute favorite song in the world is For Me This is Heaven, so the fact that Jimmy Eat World has announced a summer tour has me so excited!! I’m texting my sister and friends to pull our crew together to go to the nearest show as I am writing this.

Fresh off their 10th studio album, Surviving, Jimmy Eat World is taking to the road for fans of all generations. While seeing their show would be a mix of nostalgia for me, there are also new fans coming out that have just started to discover them.


My first introduction to Jimmy Eat World was from my awesome roommate during my freshman year of college. All my best emo band discoveries were that year. The first Jimmy Eat World song I ever heard was Lucky Denver Mint off their Clarity album. It’s so infectious and catchy. “You’re not bigger than this, not better, why can’t you learn?” I really loved Jim Adkins’ voice against the rhythmic drumbeat in the song!

When their album, Bleed American, came out, The Middle was playing on Top 40 radio everywhere! Including in TV shows, movies, and commercials. And while some thought the band had sold out, I think that it brought their sound some real polish and helped introduced them to the masses. You didn’t enjoy watching Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder rocking out in his hockey gear to Bleed American? I definitely did! It was exciting to see this underground indie band find the light of day. Maybe they weren’t truly emo as much as an indie rock band with some emotions to share between the drum beats and guitar riffs.

Jimmy Eat World 2020 Tour

The Criminal Energy Tour kicks off on Aug. 6 in Atlanta, Georgia. and will make 20 stops before concluding in Phoenix, Arizona. on Sept. 5. The Front Bottoms will support throughout the trek with a handful of co-headlining gigs along the way. Bands, Turnover and Joyce Manor, will be making some appearances at select dates.

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