Kids Dancing to Leaked Drake Song Goes Viral!

Over the past week this video came to my attention quite randomly. I don’t even know how, because I don’t follow dancers and I sure as hell don’t use Tik Tok. But I can’t deny that these kids are really boppin’ to this incredible beat. And what do you know, Drake is singing and rapping the perfect assortment of lyrics that get stuck in your head for the next two months. Before you know it you’ve played this 30-second low quality video of a couple kids dancing their simple little jig, just to hear that hook one more time.

Drake Releases Official Music Video – Does The Dance Too.

And in classic Drake Fashion, he produces a full video and capitalizes on brief meme moments because why not – who doesn’t like free money.

Drake dancing in his gigantic mansion, shooting off fireworks in his yard, all while social distancing. Now that’s what I call capitalizing.

6ix9ine Gets Out Of Jail Early Because of COVID-19!

There aren’t too many people who luck out quite as much as 6ix9ine. This man was looking at essentially a life sentence in prison after receiving racketeering charges for his involvement with the Nine Trey gangsters. He gets sentenced to only 2 years, one of which he had already served. Now amidst all of this Coronavirus situation, he has been granted early leave to complete the rest of his sentence from home. His lawyer argued with the Judge that he had asthma and due to his pre-existing condition, keeping him locked up would be potentially deadly for him.

Tekashi and his lawyers have commented that they aren’t sure whether or not he has COVID-19. I’m sure they are testing him now.

File:6ix9ine.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

#RonaRaps The Live Stream Freestyle Show

Rappers have definitely been getting creative with the quarantine situation. It’s cool to see these artists trying to make light out of a shitty situation. They’re continuing to hone their crafts even while their main source of income – live performances – goes away. Just a couple of rappers that love what they do. P.S. Denzel Curry Kills his verse.

Swedish Rapper, Yung Lean Live Streams His Concert Out The Back of a Truck.

Probably not the weirdest of headlines for Scandinavian rapper, Yung Lean. The man thrives on being himself, and this is definitely a normal weird activity he would pursue. I’m glad he’s following his dreams. I’m a bit biased for posting this simply because I’ve been a fan of his work for a while now. But hey, it got over 200k views in under 24-hours. I guess it’s resonating with more people than you’d expect.

You can’t deny the stage setup and time this footage was shot isn’t beautiful.

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