Here we are, over a month into the entire country doing pretty well with the state of things. Social distancing, COVID-19, pretty much everyone being on lock-down, and still without their favorite NHL teams duking it out on the ice. Last week the 2019-2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs would have begun, kind of sad to think about.  That’s the worst news, but in a more positive light, we’re here to bring you some happy news buzzing around the National Hockey League. All five reported Ottawa Senators (the first team to confirm players who had been diagnosed with COVID-19) have recovered and are all doing well back in their homes, as well as the lone Colorado Avalanche player who had been diagnosed.

 The NHL is planning to start up Seattle’s big venture into pro hockey again for the 2020-21 season but they’re already off to a good start before they’ve even played a game! NHL Seattle (team name still undecided) and Oak View Group donated $1 million on Tuesday to aid those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Of the $1 million donation, $800,000 will go to the United Ways of King County’s Community Relief Fund to support the Office of Sustainability and Environment’s (OSE) expanded grocery voucher program. 1,000 workers impacted by coronavirus with $800 vouchers that can immediately be used at any Washington State Safeway store to purchase food and household goods.  I’d say the teams already won the city over with this extremely helpful and giving deed.  Maybe the city and the team can rally around this devastating sequence of events like the Las Vegas Golden Knights did in 2018 during their inaugural season making a run for the Stanley Cup!

CCM, the hockey equipment manufacturer, announced that it would use its manufacturing plant in Montreal to make protective hoods for Quebec-based healthcare workers putting their lives on the line to fight this disease despite the large risk every essential worker healthcare is susceptible to. CCM said it can produce up to 150 hoods per day as long as it has the necessary supplies. The company also announced it will release the full manufacturing blueprints on its website so other manufacturers can build the hoods as well.

There are plenty more actions to list off in this wrap-up of how the NHL is doing their part to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, first responders, health care workers, and everything in between during this pandemic. If there is one light that can push us as humans through this is the positives that come out of the dark, the aspect of how much unity has been brought about in a world all too forgetful that we are truly in this together.  Stay safe, and stay tuned hockey fans!

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