Virtual Experiences are the new and exciting spectacle in entertainment! With a chance to still get close to your favorite singer, entertainer, or athlete how can you pass up the chance to get Virtual Experiences tickets at TicketNetwork. Performers from across the world are stepping to bring entertainment to their loyal fans when they need it most. Everyone could use a little pick me up and Virtual Experiences will do just that. Performances, Q&A’s, lessons and more will all be a part of these exclusive packages.

Broadway has stepped up in a major way and fans of the theater are in for unforgettable experiences in the next coming weeks. Historic shows such as Hamilton, Wicked, Hello, Dolly!, Frozen, and more will be a part of these Virtual Experiences. Performers and fans can connect like never before and will be able to learn about and see the show in ways they never thought possible.

Performers such as Sean Green Jr. (Hamilton), Joe Carroll (Frozen), and Rachel Tucker (Wicked) are just a few of the immensely talented people that are offering fans a chance to get to know them and feel like they too can be a Broadway star. A personalized message from one of these great performers could turn someone’s day, week, or even career around. Never underestimate how special these Broadway – Virtual Experiences tickets can be.

Top musical acts such as Post Malone, Santana, and Usher are also a part of this new wave of Virtual Experiences tickets. Usher teaching his irresistible dance moves, Santana demonstrating a few mesmerizing chords or even drinking a Bud Light with Post Malone is now just a few clicks away!

Imagine hearing your favorite song sung just for you and then being able to ask questions and learn more about who inspired the song, who helped write it, how the creative process works. All of this information will be available now thanks to Virtual Experiences tickets. This is a chance fans may never get again so taking advantage of it now is key!

Picture a shooting lesson from Steph Curry or Klay Thompson?! These two players have revolutionized the game and you could be getting pointers from them! How about a Happy Birthday from rising star Jayson Tatum? You could even watch one the integral pieces of Lob City, DeAndre Jordan show you how to dunk and block shots.

The complete list of players for NBA Pros – Virtual Experiences includes Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Anthony Davis, Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, DeAndre Jordan, Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo. Quite the list of All-Stars, MVPs and NBA Champions!

The best part about these Virtual Experiences tickets is that you get to choose the venue. Your couch, your bed, your kitchen, your backyard, you name it, the Virtual Experiences can happen wherever you want it to in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a ticket to the show, and you can be a part of something special from anywhere in the world. Your favorite artist that never seems to come to your hometown is now heading to a venue of your choice! Be a part of something special with Virtual Experiences tickets, this is a memory you can’t afford to miss out on.

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