Travis Scott & Kid Cudi Release New Single! “The Scotts”

Travis Scott has been leading the mainstream hip hop game for years now and shows no signs of slowing down. Today he, and his biggest inspiration, Kid Cudi, teamed up for a new single called, “The Scotts”. Streaming links below:

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Some people are saying this is going to be more than just a single, and that it may actually be a collaborative project. Fans recorded the duo’s instagram live conversation and at one point they play another song off this mythical “project”. Chances are we can expect something from these two, similar to how Kanye and Cudi did Kids See Ghost. Here’s the footage from IG live teasing the other song:

French Montana Annoys Young Thug #NotSlat #Beef

This past week the two ex-friends have been going at each other’s necks. Apparently Young Thug saw a recent interview with French Montana where he claimed he had more “hits” than one of the most popular rappers in the ENTIRE hip hop industry, Kendrick Lamar. Now right off the bat this just sounds like a complete lie – BECAUSE IT IS! Kendrick Lamar has far more and higher selling hits than French, it’s not even a damn contest. Here’s the original interview clip that sparked the feude:

This made Young Thug mad, he claimed it was cap,

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French Montana then throws shots at Young Thug by posting a picture of Young Thug in a dress from several years ago. Not sure if this was supposed to be a never before seen image considering this is fairly unsurprising behavior for Thug.

This whole thing goes back and forth for way longer than necessary. Anyhow I’m sure hip hop fans were kept entertained during quarantine.

Isaiah Rashad Finally Drops a New Song! “Why Worry”

One of my favorite rappers and one of the most underrated rappers in the game, Isaiah Rashad has finally dropped a new song after years of limited releases since their last album. Rashad’s last album, The Sun’s Tirade was released back in 2016 (an incredible album – listen if you haven’t already).

JPEGMAFIA Releases New Single – “Body Guard”

One of my favorite “new” up and coming rappers, JPEGMAFIA has been releasing a loosie every few weeks for the fans which is definitely welcomed. The newest track just came out this week, called Bodyguard! Accompanied with a simple visual. It’s a chill song where Peggy sings rather than rap heavily like he does on a lot of his other tracks.

Check out Bald! and Covered In Money! if you want to hear the other singles he’s released in the past few weeks. These ones are more rap-centric.

Travis Scott Concert on Fortnite?!

From April 23rd to April 25th there will be a few shows premiering on the wildly popular Epic games game, Fortnite. The devs have customized the in game map so that at certain times through the day fans can witness a virtual concert with Travis Scott. A new song by Travis Scott is actually premiering during the concert! Login to the free game to check it out.

A Fortnite Streamer did a great job capturing the virtual live event, watch below:

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