Shadow of Intent

Started in 2014 as an internet band. Shadow of Intent originally derived their name and lyrical subject matter from the Halo video game franchise. Over time they shifted to become darker and more personal. Expanding from the fantasy world of Halo, Shadow of Intent has beautifully integrated elements of death, black, symphonic and progressive metal to create a full and truly epic sound.

Fronted by one of the gnarliest vocalists around, Ben Duerr has a vocal style reminiscent of Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel and Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir. His driving vocals showcase his ability to hit brutal lows and flawlessly speed through lines like in songs like The Return. Most of the instrumental music is written by guitarist Chris Wiseman. The music is masterfully composed and melodically technical in the right places allowing the music to tell a story on its own without being obnoxious. They have released 3 full-length albums and 2 full-length instrumental albums. The instrumental variations are really good. Even if you don’t normally listen to metal I would still highly encourage you check it out.

Silent Planet

Silent Planet is one of the few bands that actively uses their music to try to positively influence the world. Their music covers everything from embracing the tragedies of life, to the existential despair of modern life, and historical examples of social justice that brings hope and understanding that things can change for the better.

Silent Planet proved their worth in 2014 with the release of their first album The Night God Slept. With their lyrics being their main driving force for their music, songs like Depths II are about depression and being consumed by darker thoughts. Other songs like Native Blood, are about the physical and cultural genocide of the Native American people, and stands as an exemplar to the amplified emotions by the maturity of the band. Their most recent song, Trilogy, expounds on this as it was written by vocalist Garrett Russell after a stay in a mental hospital for crippling anxiety. The emotion of their lyrical subject matter is complimented by the complexity and maturity present in the music with riffs that are just as expressive as the vocals.


Unprocessed is a progressive metal band from Germany. These dudes have a unique sound, combining elements of prog metal and djent. With three 8-string guitars and a 5-string bass, you know they aren’t messing around. They have developed a signature sound with their nonstop complex riffs with djent-y muted strumming thrown in the mix.

Unprocessed is methodical in their writing. Front man Manuel Gardner Fernandes presents his vocals in a way that flow perfectly with the instruments. His cleans compliment the elegance in the complex riffs. This is done in a way that emphasizes the instruments as the true lead of the music. In this, you can clearly see why they have credited classical and progressive music as their main influences. Definitely check this band out if you are into Animals As Leaders and Polyphia.


Imminence is a metalcore band out of Sweden that formed in 2010.  These guys have gone through an interesting transformation during their music careers. In 2014, the release of their first album, I, stormed the metalcore scene in Sweden but didn’t take off in the states. In 2017, they released their 2nd album, This Is Goodbye, which had a more mainstream appeal with cleaner vocals and electronic music.

In 2019, they released Turn The Light On. Turn The Light On is the perfect evolution of Imminence’s sound. They creatively combined the heaviness from I and the catchiness of This Is Goodbye and added more elegant violin tracks by vocalist Eddie Berg. This combo has created some of their best music like Lighthouse, Infectious, and The Sickness. The subject matter for the band is darker thematically like a more poetic Amity Affliction, that covers depression and anxiety.


TEETH is hardcore metal band out of Fort Erie, Canada. The band features a veteran crew of members from Hundred Suns, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, and Dead and Divine. These dudes hit hard with brutal raw screams and heavy riffs fluctuating between circle pit inducing thrash and gnarly slowed breakdowns that open the pits for the karate kids.

TEETH started last year and have released 4 songs since then. The most recent track, Deathrace came out on April 8th, which is a perfect addition to any quarantine playlist. The band is currently using this infamous 2020 down time to finish their first album and hopefully jump on the road as soon as it’s safe to do so. I’m looking forward to hearing more music from these guys and seeing how they update their style. Check these guys out if you like bands like The Chariot or Counterparts.

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