The NFL Schedule Release is a huge day for fans across the NFL. Memorable days with family can start to be planned, friends can reunite at the stadium, and fans can finally see their team’s path to potentially lifting the Lombardi Trophy.

Check out some of the highly anticipated matchups taking place during the 2020 NFL season.

Week 1

Texans @ Chiefs Thursday, September 10th | 8:20PM EST

Football is back! This game marks the official start of the 2020 NFL season. Two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL, Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, will go head-to-head and play in what should be a shootout.

Dolphins @ Patriots Sunday, September 13th | 1:00PM EST

Tua Tagovailoa’s first career game. Alabama star quarterback will step on the field for the first time going up against legendary coach, Bill Belichick. It will be nice to see if Tua can succeed against the top game-planning coach in the NFL.

Chargers @ Bengals Sunday, September 13th | 4:05PM EST

This week 1 matchup will have two teams led by rookie quarterbacks. Justin Herbert of the Chargers and Joe Burrow of the Bengals. We will get to see the first snaps in these young players’ careers minutes apart from each other.

Buccaneers @ Saints Sunday, September 13th | 4:25PM EST

Brady vs Brees first matchup of the season comes in week 1. Brady with his new team that is piping with talent. Brees and his reliable receivers and strong defense. These high powered offenses are going to look to start the season strong so expect lots of throws and lots of points on the scoreboard

Week 2

Saints @ Raiders Monday, September 21st | 8:15PM EST

This is the first regular-season home game for the Raiders at their new stadium, city, and fans. Being a Monday night game against an elite opponent such as the Saints, Allegiant Stadium should be viewed from every living room of NFL fans in week 2.

Week 3

Packers @ Saints Sunday, September 27th | 8:20PM EST

This NFC matchup will be between two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks in seasons where they need to prove they aren’t over the hill quite yet. Both QBs have had their potential replacements added to the team this offseason and neither are ready to hang it up. A Sunday night showdown is a perfect way to show the world that they still have it.

Chiefs @ Ravens Monday, September 28th | 8:15PM EST

The previous two MVPs square off on Monday night to see which offense is more dynamic. Mahomes has the edge through the air but Lamar Jackson changes the game with his feet. These vastly different teams show how you can be elite in this league while having your own style. Don’t be surprised if you see both teams score in the 40s.

Week 7

Chargers @ Dolphins Sunday, October 25th | 1:00PM EST

Another rookie showdown like week 1. This time Herbert will have to against Tua Tagovailoa. Fans should be excited to see who is adjusting to the NFL better. With both teams skill players being of similar quality, it should be a pretty solid comparison and matchup.

Week 8

Buccaneers @ Giants Monday, November 2nd | 8:15PM EST

Can the Giants show any Super Bowl magic against Brady when he isn’t on the Patriots? We will see as Brady and the Buccaneers head to New Jersey to face the Giants. We will see if Brady has something to prove in this Monday night matchup.

Week 9

Saints @ Buccaneers Sunday, November 8th | 8:20PM EST

Brady vs Brees 2.0 takes place in the Sunday night slot. With the whole NFL world with their eyes on this game, this rematch is easily one of the best games of the season. Depending on how the first game goes, this game could have major playoff implications.

Week 12

Thanksgiving Games – Thursday, November 26th

Texans @ Lions | 12:30 PM

The family is still cooking in the kitchen and everyone is still catching up with each other. This game is on the TV in the background only being watched by that one uncle that married into the family. The Texans will roll over the Lions. But, it’s still Thanksgiving football and serves as a perfect appetizer to a day of family and football.

Redskins @ Cowboys | 4:30PM EST

The main course must be the Cowboys in this divisional matchup. People are trying to sneak away from the meal at this point or are watching it from the table. The Cowboys should win this game with ease, but it will be exciting to see if Dak Prescott can escape the relentless pressure of rookie Chase Young.

Ravens @ Steelers | 8:20PM EST

The dessert, seeing Lamar Jackson face-off with future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger. Every football fan has made it in front of the TV, a slice of pie in hand. This divisional rivalry will show if the Steelers can keep up with this young Ravens offense. Steelers could use at least one win versus the Raven this year. Might as well come on Thanksgiving.

Chiefs @ Buccaneers – Sunday, November 29th | 4:25PM EST

The Chiefs will look to go down to Tampa Bay and put a hurting on Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. At this point, the Chiefs will have all but clinched the division and will be looking to beat a potential playoff team before the season is over. Although the Chiefs win, both teams will score in the 30s and make for an exciting game.

Week 15

Chiefs @ Saints – Sunday, December 20th | 4:25PM EST

With these two teams both capable of getting a first-round bye in the playoffs, each loss will hurt your chances. One of these teams will get a loss here that could drastically impact their playoff scenario. Although late in the season, don’t look to see any major players be out of this game for rest. Both teams will need this win and should make for an offensive performance down in New Orleans.

Week 17

Seahawks @ 49ers – Sunday, January 3rd | 4:25PM EST

This game will likely be the deciding factor in who wins the division and gets home field for at least the first round of playoffs and who will win the wildcard. Starting at 4:25PM, this will be one of the final three games played in the regular season and will have major playoff implications. What more could a football fan want? Last year with the NFC West on the Seahawks lost by a half-yard on Sunday Night Football in Week 17.

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