100 gecs

This Internet duo utilizes unique vocal effects that sound high pitched and auto-tuned. It’s different and interesting, and I wouldn’t say it sounds bad either, in fact it’s pretty damn catchy. So catchy, that if you get it, you’ll probably end up replaying their recent album a shit load of time. Their unique vocal style sets them apart from their contemporaries, though the experimental nature is reminiscent of Swedish R&B artist Bladee, and a recent rapper that just went viral, 645AR.

This uniqueness in vocals will only continue further until it reaches a ridiculous level. Can’t wait to see what that possibly is.

Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston was a massive figure in the outsider scene. The outsider scene revolves around music artists that make music but with little to no prior taught knowledge of music making. Daniel Johnston grew up very into art, his art was strange and unique. As he got older he got into music and started recording demos with his guitar and passing out the mixes out to locals. As he got older he would get diagnosed with schizophrenia. He passed away last year. He’s had a lot of ups and downs in his life, but he at least he can now finally rest. RIP.

G.G. Allin

There aren’t many rockstars quite like G.G. Allin. The genre has produced plenty of interesting characters over the years, but I can confidently say that G.G. Allin is the craziest one of them all. He dubs himself “The King of Rock and Roll” and knows no boundaries. At his live shows he’ll cut and mutilate himself, he’ll attack his fans and even throw his fecal matter at them. That’s right, he throws his own crap at his paying fans. It’s an interesting live experience to say the least.

He’s done several television appearances on talk shows that try to understand the madness of G.G.. The video linked above is the last interview he gave before passing away from an overdose.

Aphex Twin

One of the stranger dudes in the electronic scene. Yes, stranger than a dead mouse wearing a dead mouse on it’s head. Aphex Twin mixes elements of creepy horror into both their imagery and sounds, and then wraps it all together with synthetic techno sounds.


One of the earlier internet acts I’ve seen that utilized the technology effectively in order to share their weirdness on a mass-scale. Bladee and his Drain Gang crew are Swedish Internet weirdo’s that also utilize extreme levels of autotune and vocal effects to create what one would imagine pop music in the cyberpunk era would sound like. Drain Gang has been going down the weird rabbit hole for a couple years now, and they get better at it with each release.

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