The NFL has taken steps to protect the public as much as possible during games. They plan to either have fan-less games or fans sit x-amount of seats apart (in states that allow people to attend live events).

Another problem they have run into is protecting players. The NFL is working with the company Oakley to create a new face mask that will incorporate N-95type material. They are not quite sure how they will look yet or if they will even work to prevent the spread of the virus.

By now you’ve all worn the masks or at least used homemade face covers. Do you think you could exert yourself physically with those on? I don’t know about you, but after about 10 minutes of wearing them I start having a little trouble breathing.

Let’s say they figure out that issue, what about all the contact that happens over a standard football game? Hands find their way up on players’ necks and even in the facemasks. You can’t stop that from happening, it’s accidental and impossible to regulate. Players have also told so many stories about what goes on in the trenches. Eye gouging, facemask pulling, spitting, and a few other things that would get me in trouble if I listed them in this article. Is the solution to that just simply telling players to not be assholes?

I’m sure that would work for about two plays and then everything would go back to normal. You think there could be a material durable/thick enough to deal with all of that? In order to make it hold up, it would make it almost impossible to breathe. I don’t know what the solution is, but I don’t think this will work at all in such a physical game. I could see this working in the MLB but not the NFL. They need to get some solution though because if there’s no football, I think I’ll go crazy. No games, no fantasy football, and what am I supposed to bet on? Marble racing? I hope it never comes to that.

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